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Thursday 24th
October 2019
8pm Telescope Workshop

- Derek Dempsey.

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telescope A quick flip through the pages of any astronomy magazine reveals a bewildering array of telescope models and their associated mounts:

This wide variety can, however, be broken down into a small number of design types, each with their advantages and disadvantages. The issues of telescope set-up and alignment will be discussed, together with accessories such as lenses and filters. The talk will conclude with a brief look at the options available for connecting a camera to a telescope.

There will be a number of telescope models on display.

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Hotel Newport
4th - 10th
October 2019
  Space Week 2019

November 1st - 3rd   Mayo Dark Sky Festival 2019

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and Ballycroy

The next observing session will be scheduled soon, depending on the weather (and the midges!).

Anyone out there with a telescope still in its box or gathering dust in the attic ?

Get in touch - we can organize a workshop around getting you set up; you'll be enjoying the night sky through your own telescope in no time !