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Thursday 14th
March 2019
8pm Einstein made (relatively) simple

- Brian MacGabhann

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Albert Einstein's theory of relativity introduced a new framework for all of physics and proposed new concepts of space and time, and also showed that massive objects cause a distortion in space-time, which is felt as gravity. The theory transformed theoretical physics and astronomy in the 20th century, superceding a 200-year-old theory of mechanics created primarily by Isaac Newton.

Far from being simply of theoretical interest, relativitistic effects are important practical engineering concerns. Satellite-based measurements needs to take into account relativistic effects, as each satellite is in motion relative to an Earth-bound user and is thus in a different frame of reference under the theory of relativity. Global positioning systems must take into account all of the relativistic effects in order to work correctly. This is also the case in the high-precision measurement of time. Instruments ranging from electron microscopes to particle accelerators would not work if relativistic considerations were omitted.

Brian MacGabhann has been a keen amateur astronomer since the age of fifteen and he regularly gives talks on astronomical topics. Until recently he was the Education Officer and Chair of the Galway Astronomy Club.

He is also the co-founder and resident lecturer of the Renmore History Society, Galway's best-attended regular historical event. This talk, explaining Einstein's theories in a clear and accessible way, combines both of Brian's main passions - astronomy and history.

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Hotel Newport
1st - 7th
April 2019
  International Dark Sky Week 2019

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Dark Sky Week 2019 - Programme Close ...

Tuesday 2nd
April 2019
8pm Cosmic Blunders
- Derek Dempsey.

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The history of science is littered with ideas that once seemed beyond question, yet later were proved to be completely wrong. In astronomy, there are the ancient ideas that the Earth is flat and at the centre of the universe.

There is no shortage of others from more modern times: Astronomers, like other scientists, can be seduced by an elegant theory which is then discredited as experimental data becomes available.

Errors are an inevitable part of scientific process - this talk will describe some notable mistakes (made, in some cases, by very eminent scientists and astronomers), attempt to explain how they happened, and look at how newer theories then evolved.

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Hotel Newport
5th - 7th
April 2019
  Cosmos 2019
- Midlands Astronomy Club
Shamrock Lodge
Hotel, Athlone
Saturday 20th
July 2019
  Moon Landing - 50th Anniversary

W Cinema,
Friday 20th
September 2019
  Culture Night

4th - 10th
October 2019
  Space Week 2019

November 1st - 3rd   Mayo Dark Sky Festival 2018

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and Ballycroy

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